Monday, 16 July 2012

Review: Tupai-Tupai Restaurant, Ampang Waterfront

Address: 1 Jalan AWF 1, Ampang Waterfront, Jalan Ampang,

68000 Ampang, Selangor, Malaysia

Alamat Poskod: 68000 Ampang

Tel: +603 4292 3333, Fax: +603 4292 1332
GPS Coordinates: N3 08.848 E101 45.990

Salam & Good day everyone. 

So yesterday, my family & I went to Tupai-Tupai Restaurant for a small family gathering. As we were craving for some seafood steamboat, we decided to eat here after reading some good reviews from the net and it was quite near from our house. 

And so here goes my review,

1. Location: It is located just in front of quite a big busy road, but interestingly we can park our car exactly in front of the restaurant and also there is another car parking at the basement of waterfront building, it is FREE.


2. Ambience: I like the atmosphere here, there are indoor (fully air-conditoned) and outdoor seating, the lamps are not too dim neither too bright, the tables and chairs are being arranged nicely and the main orange colour was fit perfectly with the atmosphere.

3. Choice of food: As we were taking the seafood steamboat buffet, I did not have a chance to glance through their ala-carte menu. So starting from their:

Steamboat soup: You can choose 2 out of 3, which are chicken soup, tomyam and tomyam kelapa soup. We chose tomyam kelapa and chicken soup for the soup base. As for me, I found their tomyam kelapa to be quite tasty as it is spicy and sweet, but my parents did not really enjoyed it due to its sweetness. As for the chicken soup, the taste is very plain, which is suitable for children and those who cannot eat spicy food. Then, we changed our tomyam kelapa to tomyam, and the tomyam was good as well.

Seafood: There are various ranges of fresh seafood and also factory-made seafood. But the sad part is, they don't serve crabs! If compared this restaurant and Q-thai or nelayan, Q-thai & nelayan have like double choices of food to choose from and crabs are included as well. But overall, there are udang, sotong, ikan bawal, ikan pari, ayam, kepah, kepah buluh, fishballs, tofu, etc etc. which were enough to get bloated from. =D

Side dishes: They served nasi goreng cina, kuey teow goreng, so fan goreng, bubur nasi and even mushroom soup. I would say, these were tasty especially their nasi goreng and so fan goreng. as for their mushroom soup, I did not taste it at all, as it looked so watery and not tempting at all.

Drinks & dessert: This is what I like the most about the restaurant. They provided drinks with variety of choices, from cold to hot drinks. Orange, lime, sirap, sirap bandung, teh ais, teh tarik, teh, kopi, etc. and it is included in the price as well! As for the dessert, their tapai is the BOMB! delightedly delicious when eating it with the ice-cream! they have ranges of kuih-muih with puddings and cakes. Also, we can choose from 4-5 different flavours of ice cream. =D

Price: Jeng jeng jeng, as for adults; RM29nett per person and children from 4-11 yo, RM15nett per person. For me, it is a bit more expensive compared to Q-thai, but actually it is quite reasonable due to the atmosphere, side dishes & drinks.

Overall: 3.7/5

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